Gun-Day Sunday: It’s National Shooting Sports Month!


Are you zeroed? Is all your gear checked out and verified? How’s your ammo stocking plan?

Go forth and do great things. Blast away!

I for one intend to take as much as advantage as I can.

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Taps: 1LT Ben Cross, ’13

Friday night I remember the news story of a MV-22 going down during the Talisman Sabre 17 exercise off the coast of Queensland, Australia.  23 of 26 personnel aboard were rescued.

This morning I awoke to a notification that one of the Marine Aviators aboard the downed MV-22 was 1Lt Ben Cross ’13.  I knew Ben relatively well back at the Institute.  I a First and he a 3rd Class Cadre Corporal in  Golf Company.  Not the loudest of the cadre corporals, but a hard and fair one, as was the way of most Golf Company cadre.  He was a great young man, and when I refer to him I think kid, but then I’m reminded that he was a 26 year old Marine Lieutenant that did his duty.  He flew the hell out of his Osprey and 23 Marines are alive today because he did everything he could.

RAH VA MIL ’13 ’13 ’13

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Thunderbirds and Your Friday Tech Roundup

Oklahoma pride here! Willie and Joe do America proud in the Ukraine.

Over at Strategy Page, two articles on mortars and artillery.

We had nuclear merchant ships?

And, as the weekend is upon us, some technical terms of tequila.

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The Death of Engineering Education

One day very soon you’ll get to drive over a bridge built by an engineer who spent time learning about the intersectionalities of self-described victim groups instead of physics, mathematics, metals and soil composition. The result will be fatal, but the Revolution’s leaders favor others being martyrs. Given VMI’s unimpeded rush to be the cheap imitation of UVA and Tech, how much longer before the engineering and sciences departments being fired en masse and replaced with Social Justice Warriors parading as academics? I give it two years. In a thousand years, some version of the show “Ancient Aliens” will show the Empire State Building and a somber voice will intone “They built magnificent cities, and then they couldn’t build mud huts. Could it be, as some Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest, aliens destroyed the knowledge of the pyramids and office buildings?”

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The Demon With a Glass Cloud

The title comes from an article from Richard Fernandez, and from Harlan Ellison’s classic “Outer Limits” episode “Demon With a Glass Hand.” The premise of the story is the entire hope for resurrection for a long-dead human race resides within a robot (played by Robert Culp) who must survive being hunted by humanity’s killers and time in order to fulfill its programming. This absolute faith in the health and goodness of computers makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

But hope springs eternal, or The Stupid is stronger than ever considered.

The Department of Defense (DOD) is testing out the use of tablets for viewing classified documents and videos. In a statement, the Defense Information Systems Agency said that the year-long pilot program would provide senior DOD leaders with 8-inch tablets, the first of which was given to the DOD’s acting chief information officer, John Zangardi, in May.

In his article “Governments Are Not In Control,” Richard Fernandez provides this chilling quote from Paris Martineau writing at SelectAll:

Swedish prime minister Stefan Löfven confirmed on Monday that private information concerning citizens of Sweden had been exposed to serious security risks after the government outsourced IT services for the Swedish Transport Agency (Transportstyrelsen) to IBM in 2015.

IBM, in turn, left an astounding amount of information exposed to a number of unauthorized users around the world — including the names, home addresses, and photos of every member of the police, secret military units, information from the witness-relocation program, information regarding the weight capacity of all roads and bridges, and details regarding the specifications of all government and military vehicles (and their drivers).

Apparently, the transport agency mistakenly emailed their entire database of sensitive information to marketers in plain text. And upon realizing their error, the agency decided to merely ask subscribers to delete the old message and later sent out an updated one.

IBM’s data center was in Serbia, which is a very close ally of Russia. IBM will get away with it, and your tax dollars will go to making IBM richer as the US government cedes more and more of its responsibilities to safeguard the hopes and future of Americans to demons in the glass cloud.

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Desert Shield at 27

It’s been 27 years since Hussein invaded Kuwait and we responded with a world-class, ready force. Thank you ladies and gentlemen who participated directly and indirectly.

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Another Good Program Corrupted

Northwest DC is home to the Armed Forces Retirement Home. Originally the home of a Democrat slave-owner, but I’m redundant, the home became Abraham Lincoln’s summer White House. Lincoln wrote the Emancipation Proclamation there. There are tours, and it’s worth the price of admission. What is interesting is a picture of the original cadre of retired soldiers and sailors. A number of them were not native-born Americans. When one looks through the list of MOH earners, a number of them are not native-born Americans. From Baron von Steuben to today, many of our military service-members weren’t and aren’t citizens.

Beginning in 2009, the Military Accessions Vital to the National Interest (MAVNI) program recruits people from outside of the US. Most go into Signals Intelligence as linguists. The intent and purpose of this program make it a good thing.

And then Obama.

Obama’s policies to not investigate immigrants, which is meant to provide a high level of confidence in the immigrants and visitors suitability for life in the US, meant MAVNI recruited foreign agents into our most sensitive military intelligence functions. The terrorists-in-black-robes seek to continue this policy. Must be nice to not be held accountable for the chaos one sews.

Way to go ace. Another good-for-America program corrupted.

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