Ragnar Reports: Another Tradition Down the Shitter?

Our man Ragnar weighed in by email today, reporting that, “Rats evidently are no longer compelled to salute Jackson statue.”

He added that he’s trying to confirm.

Can anyone yea-or-nay this?

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Cheating Using Social Media

Students used a social media app to cheat. The app is GroupMe — the Hollywood version is GropeMe, so don’t mistake them! — and establishes group texts. The good and evil ways the technology can be used is obvious. Unfortunately the so-called Adults-in-the-room offer excuses instead of providing clear leadership.

These alleged adults call up a possible exception – a woman who was on the group chat, but may not have used it to cheat. The article indicates she also tolerated cheating through inaction. Who is worse: the students who did cheat, the woman who tolerated it, or the adults who are encouraging it? Why?

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Gun-Day Monday: Marine Reunited With His World War II Rifle

THIS. Is. A. GREAT. Story.

Sadly, there are “men” in the U.S. today who won’t understand this article. They’ve never heard the bang nor felt the kick, nor the quickened pulse on the qualification range during the rapid fire string, the grimly satisfying knowledge when the trigger breaks that the round will go exactly where you wanted it to go, BECAUSE YOU HAVE MASTERED THAT WEAPON.

But the rest of us do, we understand all of it.

Please read the whole thing.

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Science, Stuffed & Mounted on the Trophy Wall

From Virginia Tech, a very interesting essay on the state of science today. One can extend this to liberal arts since the Squishies want to believe they are scientists. Since VMI turned down the path of Progressive Indoctri-cation, one wonders if its professors are too publish-or-perish to engage in scholarship.

A scientists is, by nature, skeptical and questioning. A great scientist is skeptical of their skepticism, questioning themselves. This leads to asking questions that is rewriting what we know of history – not as an exercise in applying Cultural-Marxism’s Critical Theory, but finding answers.

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This Won’t End Well

The Army, having just court martialed Bergdahl, whose defense is mental illness, wants more Bergdahl by lifting the ban on recruiting people with diagnosed mental illnesses and behaviors. Just a thought, is this a screw to create a problem in 4-20 years, such as more suicides and homelessness among veterans? The VA is rather strict about health issues that existed before one enlists.

This story is about the Royal Navy. Our submariners don’t do anything of the sort. Never. Hell, we can’t even steer the boat.

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From the Battlefield to Business Owner

With these entrepreneurs, I’d be worried about the sharks in the shark tank.

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When One Refuses to Be a Victim

One gets Irv Refkin, the accidental spy.

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