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Trip Report through the Southwest

Thank you for your patience with my absence. I enjoyed my first non-working vacation visiting Santa Fe, Patagonia, and the Mojave between Palm Springs and 29er Palms. No itinerary beyond moving around and seeing the people and places and trying … Continue reading

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Is VMI a Hedge Fun

Just a question, given the moves on Capitol Hill to start tapping the trust funds of colleges and universities. About time, too.

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Ragnar Reports: Another Tradition Down the Shitter?

Our man Ragnar weighed in by email today, reporting that, “Rats evidently are no longer compelled to salute Jackson statue.” He added that he’s trying to confirm. Can anyone yea-or-nay this?

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Cheating Using Social Media

Students used a social media app to cheat. The app is GroupMe — the Hollywood version is GropeMe, so don’t mistake them! — and establishes group texts. The good and evil ways the technology can be used is obvious. Unfortunately … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday, VMI!

178 years old, today. I never paused to think about it, but I was around to see the 150th, and it’s not out of the question that I’ll see the bicentennial. Go celebrate.

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Defense Budget Round-up

Now that the Virginia election is over and the enemedia is telling us the GOP is doomed (DOOMED! Hahaahaaa!), we can return to how Governor-elect Northam is going to fund his 4 counties (Arlington, Alexandria, Richmond and Norfolk). First up: … Continue reading

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VMI can be an extension of High School Immaturity

From time to time Halloween festivities get suspended at VMI.  13 years ago you’ll recall the Institute making national news over Nazi inspired wears.  Whether joking or not, there was no Halloween dressing up until I was in my extended … Continue reading

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