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Heard From Today: ’94 Takes Command at 5th Marines

Many thanks to ESL’94 for this link to his BR Col George Schreffler ’94, taking charge of 5th Marine Regiment, two weeks ago. Those who know him will know that he will do well. Congrats, Marine!

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V “Omm” I?

Thanks to Ragnar (again) for alerting us to this piece of silliness. Who exactly is in charge there?

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Heard From Today: COL Steve Warren ’89 Tapped for SecDef’s Media Advisor

89! 89! 89! WASHINGTON — Defense Secretary Jim Mattis is expected to tap Army Col. Steve Warren, a former spokesman for Operation Inherent Resolve, as a key media advisor. Warren will retire out of active duty to take the spot, according according … Continue reading

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“I Thought This Is What the Ratline Was Supposed To Do”

Ragnar sends, this link, with the subject-line question. Me too. Me too, Ragnar. Who is this person and what claim does he have to modern warriorship? I can’t tell from his bio. (Not being facetious, just can’t tell. Never heard … Continue reading

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More On My Earlier Post

According to an unnamed source the decision was: Here is an update, the order for the hays not to go down prior to 1600 is a VMI requirement not the fire marshal. VMI knows he is coming to inspect so … Continue reading

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More on the Hay Down Situation

Slater posted this earlier.  I reached out to a very close contact (a brother VMI 83) who is presently the Deputy Emergency Management Director for Rockbridge County.  He confirmed it is true.  The Fire Marshal based his decision on the … Continue reading

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Viola Out as SecArmy

Does that mean Jim Hickey ’82 is now back in the running? Let’s hope so. Would be nice to have another alumnus in the building. I hope his resume lands on the desk of the new SecDef. Otherwise, I say … Continue reading

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