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Socially acceptable treason

The NYT-bestselling post mortem “Shattered” details where the narrative of Russia hacking the election came from. Spoiler alert: it was developed November 9, 2016, by Hillary and her campaign staff; and sold by an uncritical news media who’ve sold it … Continue reading

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Iron Sharpens Iron: VMI Valedictorian 2nd Lt. Drew Borinstein

In August, Borinstein’s mother, brother and sister were killed in an airplane crash near Fredericksburg while on the way to watch him graduate from an officer training program. The tragedy followed the unexpected death of his father 16 months earlier … Continue reading

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Leading the Next Generation

As the newest batch of lieutenants and ensigns savor the moment, we don’t know if they’ll see 17 years (out of 20) of war or cleaning up a country after the socialists and communists initiated yet another Peoples’ Paradise just … Continue reading

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Happy New Market Day!

New Market Day greetings to all members of the VMI family! We had a great alumni gathering today in the large and curious building where I work; a gratifying spectacle indeed! The senior alumnus on deck even stopped by and … Continue reading

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VMI Pricing Itself out of the Market!

Here is the proposed operating budget and tuition rates for VMI.  I ranted on this a few years ago when tuition had climbed $10,000 from when I had entered VMI.  The difference between than and now is that the In-State … Continue reading

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De-mystifying war

We here talk about war a lot, but it strikes me that many of our readers are not familiar with war. Yes, you read about it in the history books, and there’s a definition in the dictionary, and for many … Continue reading

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Are America’s Officers “Stoopid?”

In responding to Lt. Col. P’s earlier post on America’s officers drowning in the gene pool, I ascribed Major Waggy’s theme as a military variation on Reynold’s Law. For those unfamiliar with it: The government decides to try to increase … Continue reading

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