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An Article Worth Considering

Reed Bonadonna a VMI graduate has a very interesting blog, I was particularly struck by this post of his, here. FYI he was a year behind me at the I and we had very little in common.  This is a … Continue reading

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Taps: 1LT Ben Cross, ’13

Friday night I remember the news story of a MV-22 going down during the Talisman Sabre 17 exercise off the coast of Queensland, Australia.  23 of 26 personnel aboard were rescued. This morning I awoke to a notification that one … Continue reading

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Stupid Idea

Another stupid idea from the Sergeant Major of the Army–SMA Dailey let me remind you that Command Sergeant Majors are not general officers.  Maybe if you worried about Sergeant Major entitlements and more about the troops the Army would be … Continue reading

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Russia, an Enigma wrapped in a Riddle

Good article on Russia. An astute student of his nation’s history, Putin has nevertheless failed to heed Kudrin’s warnings. Instead, like Nicholas II and Brezhnev before him, he has continued to reinforce the system he built. And the Russian president … Continue reading

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Space Corps

Does this mean that their trainees will be known as Space Cadets.

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Two Articles Worth Considering

I agree it is cheaper to base,  but not if we send families on an expense paid vacation to Europe. I rarely agree with Duncan Hunter, but he is right, we fail to go far enough.  What someone does after … Continue reading

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The Snail’s Progress: Cyberwar

Hope everyone is enjoying this weekend of the 241st anniversary of the First Brexit. An interesting note on that era of warfare was the absence of commercial sponsorship. Fortunately we’ve evolved so that some great ideas presented in this post … Continue reading

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