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“It’s The End Of The World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)”

The world is coming to an end, if this happens in the USAF, will Aviation Warrants be a thing of the past?  The USAF is thinking about Enlisted Pilots! It’s the end of the world as we know it. It’s … Continue reading

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Class of 1990 adds two stars

Congratulations to my BRs Bill Bowers, USMC, and Dan Caine, ANG on their selection for promotion to Brigadier General. 90! 90! 90!

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VMI can be an extension of High School Immaturity

From time to time Halloween festivities get suspended at VMI.  13 years ago you’ll recall the Institute making national news over Nazi inspired wears.  Whether joking or not, there was no Halloween dressing up until I was in my extended … Continue reading

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The Buck Stops With the CSA

A lot of noise and smoke over the photo’s of the Security Force Assistance Brigade Beret and Patch.  The CSA makes it clear it is not taking anything away from SF and that they will not be called the legion.

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The CSAF Get’s It

So why does the Chief of Staff of the USAF have to help an airman get in touch with his family in Puerto Rico.  What about his Chain of Command.

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If It Is Happening at West Point

Then VMI is not far behind. It’s never far behind the latest educational fad. From these articles, it looks like America’s military service academies are toast. It may take 30 years or more to flush the trash from the leadership … Continue reading

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Why I Served

I served in the United States Army, the Army National Guard, and the United States Army Reserves for over thirty years.  I retired as a Colonel.  I consider myself, like my father before me, a quiet Patriot.  I stand and … Continue reading

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