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A Strategic Door Opens

Iranians are fed up with a lifetime of murder. The protests appear sparked by social media posts and a surge in prices of basic food supplies, like eggs and poultry. Officials and state media made a point Saturday of saying … Continue reading

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Science, Stuffed & Mounted on the Trophy Wall

From Virginia Tech, a very interesting essay on the state of science today. One can extend this to liberal arts since the Squishies want to believe they are scientists. Since VMI turned down the path of Progressive Indoctri-cation, one wonders … Continue reading

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The Intellectual Quality of Terrorists

Angelo Codevilla considers the intellectual quality of terrorists. It’s an interesting essay on a puzzling conundrum.

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The Financial War on Terrorism

The most under-reported battlespace in the global war on terrorism is the economy of terrorism. I’m not talking about how Bubba buys a Chevy so he can plow down masses of minorities in Virginia – a daily threat, I’m sure. … Continue reading

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9/11 2017

16 years on. Where do we stand? Never forget. And never forget Benghazi, either. *** (Help received: UK Daily Express.)

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Re The (Latest) London Attacks

If you’re wondering why we haven’t said anything, well, what is there to say? Yes, it’s a shock and a horror, but not a surprise. The Brits let the Muzzies in, now they have to deal with them. And, pace … Continue reading

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VMI Takes Command in the Horn of Africa

Good news– BGen Dave Furness ’87 has taken command of CJTF-HOA. That’s a rough neighborhood; good to have the right man at the helm!  

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