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9/11 2017

16 years on. Where do we stand? Never forget. And never forget Benghazi, either. *** (Help received: UK Daily Express.)

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Re The (Latest) London Attacks

If you’re wondering why we haven’t said anything, well, what is there to say? Yes, it’s a shock and a horror, but not a surprise. The Brits let the Muzzies in, now they have to deal with them. And, pace … Continue reading

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VMI Takes Command in the Horn of Africa

Good news– BGen Dave Furness ’87 has taken command of CJTF-HOA. That’s a rough neighborhood; good to have the right man at the helm!  

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Cultural Enrichment?

NO. Strip the bint of her licenses to practice medicine and deport her. No more of this filth.

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(Psst! They Don’t Want to Coexist.)

WRSA’s the link to a story that’s marked “heh” but really isn’t all that funny. You savvy? Why would we allow any of them– save the few who have worked with us over there and deserve our help, and those … Continue reading

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ENEMY. Plain and simple, there’s no other way to say it. Keep an eye on her and those in her orbit. And those in your AO who seek to emulate her. And the useful idiots who circle around them. At … Continue reading

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Well, there you have it. 2017 looks an awful lot like the final hours of 2016 from where I sit, but I expect it’ll perk up. And maybe not in the way we want it to– it’s looking a lot … Continue reading

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