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Lt Col P sends: “Why No Civility Is Possible Today”

Lt.Col. P passed this excellent essay on Civility by Father James SchallĀ for your Friday reading. Given the anniversary of World War I and it’s precursor in the American Civil War, this is a timely read. To whet your appetite, here … Continue reading

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Rogue 1: a Battle Study

This battle study is brilliant!

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America’s Future Workforce

My family concentrated itself into three career fields: teaching, business, and raising the next generation. And then there’s me, but that’s a whisky-tale for another day. One of the aspects of my job touches on the business field of the … Continue reading

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A Great Quote From LtCol Jeff Cooper

“It would seem that when backlash faces backlash, we have polarization. When we have polarization there is little room for discussion. Much as we might like to reason together, this serves no purpose when our adversary has already made up … Continue reading

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“Materia Medica”: Good Knowledge to Have

The ever-interesting and enterprising Dave Canterbury of Wilderness Outfitters has a neat on-going series on the therapeutic* uses of various wild plants found in the eastern hardwood forests of the United States. Who knows when you might need put something … Continue reading

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New Woodpile Report is Up

#432, to be exact. Lots of good stuff, and strongly recommended.

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Military Reading Lists

Very interesting. And highly… recommended.

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