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Military-corporate welfare: same ole, same ole

The American Way of War is to spend a lot of money on stuff, and then prolong wars until the Defense Contractors (usually a closed circle of former flag officers, politicos, and entrepreneurs) find a new gadget and war to … Continue reading

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Gun-Day Sunday: Farnam on “Less Than Optimal”

Mr F’s latest quip, and him at his best: When I start a tactical drill, I look at a student and say, “Go!” Students are expected to instantly spring into action, get moving, devise a plan on the run, and … Continue reading

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Any day of the week ending in “Y”

Today’s outrage is the Left doubling down on blaming Representative Steve Scalise and the others for being shot by a man who, by his own account, was a reliable Brownshirt for the hard left. Our younger readers may not know … Continue reading

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Weapons Wednesday: The “ICSR” and Some Good Words from Mr Farnam

Many thanks to the excellent MDL, who forwarded this along, referring to our previous post on the Army seeking a 7.62 M4. Here are the reqs: • The rifle must be a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) system readily available … Continue reading

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Biowar Wednesday

Just in time for a supper: Biowar Wednesday! Judge Alice Hill starts us off with an argument for a coordinated defense against pandemics. Although every U.S. president since Bill Clinton has developed policies to tackle the threat posed by deadly … Continue reading

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Friday Tech Roundup

A quick roundup on factors required for winning wars. No, I’m not talking about changing Presidents and dumbing down the definition of “Victory.” First: He Who Shows Up, Wins. Next: Quality versus Quantity is the default position. Or, as Francis Gary … Continue reading

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Officer Corps Swims in the Shallow End of the (Intellectual) Gene Pool?

DaveO, please have at this. And the rest of you too, you dullards. Ubiquitous college attendance likely contributed to the decline in officer intelligence, according to Cancian. Each service requires a four-year degree as a baseline requirement for commissioning; the … Continue reading

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