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Weapons Wednesday: “Just Enough Gun”

A paean to the great M1 Carbine! As I have said over and over, this great little gun has plenty to love as-is, and thanks to its particular form and construction it can easily be modified with very simple after-market … Continue reading

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Firearms Friday: Range Time!

I spent a most enjoyable morning at the range, in the company of MDL, G-Tex (of Civ-Div holsters fame), the Coach, “Sgt Hufnagle,” and EK’03. It was a such a good session it went beyond “enjoyable” and achieved I-need-a-cigarette / … Continue reading

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Quarter-Ton Wild Hog, Shot by 17-Year-Old Virginian

That’s a big hog. The biggest of the three pigs I’ve shot was roughly a quarter of that. There’s a young man who knows how to handle himself. GOOD.

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Gun-Day Sunday: A User-Friendly Ballistic Calculator

Courtesy of G-Tex, of CivDiv Designs fame, a solid and user-friendly ballistic calculator available online. Q: Why do we need this? A: It’s simple. If we can produce a table showing point of impact versus point of aim, for any … Continue reading

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No US Navy Carrier on Patrol in Mideast

Yep. No carrier. In the MIDEAST. “The gap could last as long as two months, sources said, between the time the Eisenhower left the combat theater and the Bush arrives.” And that gap comes at a particularly inopportune time. Numerous … Continue reading

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Evidence of Russian Hacking

In the electoral electrical system. That’s big time. Good thing it was discovered. I wonder what’s floating around the utilities’ cyberstructure that hasn’t been discovered. Resilience, folks. Are you prepared to go without power for a few days, at least? … Continue reading

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Worth More Dead Than Alive?

Isn’t that the old plot line from murder mysteries and black comedies, where the poor sad sack working husband’s life insurance policy makes him worth more to his two-timing wife if he’s dead? Life imitates art, according to WeaponsMan. Even … Continue reading

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