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Pregnant Sailors Causing Big Problems for the Navy

The US Navy, once the acknowledged master of the seas, has a pregnancy problem. Apparently, “16 out of 100 Navy women are reassigned from ships to shore duty due to pregnancy.” And that number is up from previous years. And … Continue reading

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Schofield’s Definition of Discipline

I was rooting around the Old Ranger’s papers the other day when I came across a mimeographed copy of Schofield‘s Definition of Discipline. The discipline which makes the soldiers of a free country reliable in battle is not to be … Continue reading

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Notice of Transfer: LTG Hal Moore to Fiddler’s Green

Lieutenant General Harold G. “Hal” Moore PCS’d to a posting on Fiddler’s Green on February 10th of this year. He will be reunited with his Command Sergeant Major, Basil L. Plumly, and other members of 1-7 Cavalry. LTG Moore is … Continue reading

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Washington’s Birthday

Happy birthday to the Indispensable Man! When asked who in my opinion is the greatest of our Presidents, I invariably answer, “Washington: However, he was such a singular figure that no honest comparison can be made with his successors, even … Continue reading

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The Baton Is Passed

Congratulations Mr. President. You are now responsible for everything done and not done under your command. Your next day off is January 20th, 2021 or 2025. Again, congratulations! Now get to work.

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A herd of colonel? A pod of captains?

Military leadership has been described as many things, but I do believe BR Jeff nailed it this morning.

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A Marginal Marine Corps

Ray Mabus’s and Barack Obama’s service to Bad Vlad Putin is the gift that keeps on giving. Today’s gift: a Marine Corps rated “Marginal.” Moscow is a “formidable” potential adversary while the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps as “marginal” in … Continue reading

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