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Send in the Nuns!

Townie’s recent post on Russia is the starting point for this post. To our younger readers, Townie’s post concisely expresses the image of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR) fostered by history, with a little help from the Komitet Gosudarstvennoj Bezopasnosti (Committee for … Continue reading

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Rogue 1: a Battle Study

This battle study is brilliant!

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Divine Comedy: Savonarola Returns!

It sounds like a Hollywood comedy movie. Girolamo Savonarola and Saul Alinsky, meet in the present day and become joined at the mind, focused on the same target: a Roman Catholic Church that while weakened from scandal and corruption in … Continue reading

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If Russian hackers steal the election away from the DNC’s election-theft operation currently underway, is the election stolen?

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Asking the right questions

In respect to the Hatch Act, I won’t link to the many articles covering emails with classified information. There is clearly two Americas, one that follows the law and the other that preys upon law-abiding folks. Something I’ve been waiting … Continue reading

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Bosnia 1996: #BosniakLivesMatter

  20 years ago I was assigned as an Adjutant to a battalion task force and stationed in Camp Angela. Camp Angela was named for Angelina Jolie but it was dusty enough to resemble Angela Lansbury in the latter seasons … Continue reading

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He’s Baaaaack…

Who?? DaveO, that’s who! Once. Twice. Thrice. 🙂 Welcome back.

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