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Does Anyone Think That’s a Good Idea?

More evidence of The Decline on display. Sometimes the paradoxes of PC are richly entertaining. One of my favorite journalists, Katherine Timpf, has called my attention to a peer-reviewed paper recently published by Laura Parson “suggesting that we should make … Continue reading

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Fat Leonard vs Marines United

Good friend and co-worker Wang sends this link, under the subject, “Fat Leonard vs Marines United,” containing this quote among several: In my own judgment, the Marine scandal, if by no means trivial, qualifies as the lesser of the two. … Continue reading

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Fat Leonard Strikes Again

The scandal that won’t die. Wow– According to prosecutors, Francis had picked up the tab on widespread debauchery including a May 2008 “raging multi-day party, with a rotating carousel of prostitutes, during which the conspirators drank all of the Dom … Continue reading

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V “Omm” I?

Thanks to Ragnar (again) for alerting us to this piece of silliness. Who exactly is in charge there?

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Pregnant Sailors Causing Big Problems for the Navy

The US Navy, once the acknowledged master of the seas, has a pregnancy problem. Apparently, “16 out of 100 Navy women are reassigned from ships to shore duty due to pregnancy.” And that number is up from previous years. And … Continue reading

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The A.T.F.’s Off-the-Books Cigarette Fund

NYT: “ATF Filled Secret Bank Account With Millions From Shadowy Cigarette Sales” (“Shadowy” appears to be a polite word for “kinda sorta illegal”.) Why do we have this agency? What the hell does it do that needs doing? Let’s hope … Continue reading

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State Department Leadership Vacancies

While the chattering classes gasp and wheeze, I view this as a positive development: Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s job running the State Department just got considerably more difficult. The entire senior level of management officials resigned Wednesday, part of … Continue reading

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