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The Demon With a Glass Cloud

The title comes from an article from Richard Fernandez, and from Harlan Ellison’s classic “Outer Limits” episode “Demon With a Glass Hand.” The premise of the story is the entire hope for resurrection for a long-dead human race resides within … Continue reading

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Coast Guard Commandant Apparently Forgets Oath

FIRE HIM, MISTER PRESIDENT. This very evening, in person, at the White House. Terminate his access, revoke his clearances.  

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Yep, that’s the bint’s name. A little more on her, here.

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VMI Pricing Itself out of the Market!

Here is the proposed operating budget and tuition rates for VMI.  I ranted on this a few years ago when tuition had climbed $10,000 from when I had entered VMI.  The difference between than and now is that the In-State … Continue reading

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The Air Force…the softest bunch I ever saw

The Air Force hasn’t been a true uniformed service since the Key West agreement, they only love playing fighter pilot and having the worst command climate of all seven uniformed services. But this story published by Vice tells you why … Continue reading

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Officer Corps Swims in the Shallow End of the (Intellectual) Gene Pool?

DaveO, please have at this. And the rest of you too, you dullards. Ubiquitous college attendance likely contributed to the decline in officer intelligence, according to Cancian. Each service requires a four-year degree as a baseline requirement for commissioning; the … Continue reading

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Does Anyone Think That’s a Good Idea?

More evidence of The Decline on display. Sometimes the paradoxes of PC are richly entertaining. One of my favorite journalists, Katherine Timpf, has called my attention to a peer-reviewed paper recently published by Laura Parson “suggesting that we should make … Continue reading

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