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Anyone Remember “OJ’s Legal Pad”?

A brief and light-hearted note on all the OJ parole mania and trial retrospective. Does anyone remember this book from back during the trial-of-the-century days? HA! It’s insanely funny, and not a little offensive too. Might want to get a … Continue reading

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Happy Palindrome Day

It’s 7-11-17. Any of you clever folk care to add your favorites? Extra nod will be given to originals. Just for for fun we’ll include the anagram as well, being the palindrome’s first cousin. Here’s my favorite anagram of Neil … Continue reading

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Happy 4th, on the 3rd

I interrupt the 154th anniversary of Pickett’s Charge to wish each of you a very happy and safe 4th of July. Speaking of the British, Professor Elemental reminds us of the very big bullet we dodged. See you again Wednesday!

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THIS JUST IN: Dried Lizard Penises From India Sold as Good Luck Charms

H I D E O U S . What kind of bad luck do you need to be having to resort to that extreme??

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It’s Flashman’s Birthday!

Raise a glass, damn your eyes, for the greatest Victorian hero that never lived, “acclaimed as a great soldier, while remaining “a scoundrel, a liar, a cheat, a thief, a coward—and, oh yes, a toady”.” (Thanks to the most excellent … Continue reading

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Heart-Warming Story out of Iraq: Wild Hogs Kill ISIS Fighters

Does it get any better?? Only with beer!

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Secession Preparation

Since California can’t figure out how to secede and still keep the welfare billions rolling in, the Handy Dandy Secessionist should know a couple of things: how to dress, how to shoot, and basic medicine. How to dress is often … Continue reading

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