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Weapons Wednesday: The SIG P320 and the Full Story of the AR15/M16 Family

First– I hit the range this morning with G-Tex of Civ Div Designs holster fame. (BTW, he also has a nifty Instagram page.) He brought his brand new SIG Sauer P320. We shot it. And we pronounced it good. (Maybe … Continue reading

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Happy Saint Patrick’s Day to All!

Between church and pub– both equally important today– take a moment to remember a minor military genius, the great Tom Barry of the 3rd West Cork Flying Column, who dealt the hated occupier a stunning defeat at Kilmichael in 1920. … Continue reading

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“What You Don’t Know About the Vikings”

Find out HERE, in an absolutely fascinating article on those remarkable, wide-ranging, and adaptable folk. “The Viking age, says Price, “is not for the squeamish.” But how, ask researchers today, did all this mayhem begin? How and why did medieval … Continue reading

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Wandering ’round the ‘net

Could a modern US Marine infantry battalion defeat the legions of Rome? James Erwin took to Reddit to solve this mystery. I have an opinion – what say you? It is taken as an article of faith that beer foam … Continue reading

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Notice of Transfer: LTG Hal Moore to Fiddler’s Green

Lieutenant General Harold G. “Hal” Moore PCS’d to a posting on Fiddler’s Green on February 10th of this year. He will be reunited with his Command Sergeant Major, Basil L. Plumly, and other members of 1-7 Cavalry. LTG Moore is … Continue reading

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Washington’s Birthday

Happy birthday to the Indispensable Man! When asked who in my opinion is the greatest of our Presidents, I invariably answer, “Washington: However, he was such a singular figure that no honest comparison can be made with his successors, even … Continue reading

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Lost in the 50s, or Something

Seems like the 1950s are hip and with it again. Are the parallels valid? Michael Totten reviews Ike’s PhD seminar in foreign affairs. And he thought Montgomery was bad! Thank goodness, then, for Hudson Institute senior fellow Michael Doran’s valiant … Continue reading

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