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Gun-Day Monday: “The Most Armed Man in America”

F A S C I N A T I N G  article on a guy in Colorado named Mel Bernstein. Mel Bernstein – known as the Dragon Man – has earned the title the ‘most armed man in the US’ … Continue reading

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Combat Art Gallery Opening at National Museum of the Marine Corps

(Finally!) Mark down Sunday, 9 July, on your calendars: On July 9, 2017, the National Museum of the Marine Corps will open a new Marine Corps Combat Art Gallery. The gallery will feature changing exhibitions of the Museum’s combat art … Continue reading

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“Combat, Orders and Judgment”

Interesting companion piece to Tango 76’s Omaha Beach post last week. How often do we reward, in training, a good spot judgment that our subordinates made? How often were you rewarded for such a thing? Have we ever inserted a … Continue reading

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Socially acceptable treason

The NYT-bestselling post mortem “Shattered” details where the narrative of Russia hacking the election came from. Spoiler alert: it was developed November 9, 2016, by Hillary and her campaign staff; and sold by an uncritical news media who’ve sold it … Continue reading

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Happy New Market Day!

New Market Day greetings to all members of the VMI family! We had a great alumni gathering today in the large and curious building where I work; a gratifying spectacle indeed! The senior alumnus on deck even stopped by and … Continue reading

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It’s Flashman’s Birthday!

Raise a glass, damn your eyes, for the greatest Victorian hero that never lived, “acclaimed as a great soldier, while remaining “a scoundrel, a liar, a cheat, a thief, a coward—and, oh yes, a toady”.” (Thanks to the most excellent … Continue reading

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Happy Camerone Day!

Happy Camerone Day to all, it being the New Market Day of the French Foreign Legion (so to speak) and a damn good story too, which has the great benefit of being true. Captain Jean Danjou lost his left hand … Continue reading

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