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Notice of Transfer: LTG Hal Moore to Fiddler’s Green

Lieutenant General Harold G. “Hal” Moore PCS’d to a posting on Fiddler’s Green on February 10th of this year. He will be reunited with his Command Sergeant Major, Basil L. Plumly, and other members of 1-7 Cavalry. LTG Moore is … Continue reading

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9/11: Fifteen Years On

First: We Remember. But then let us with a cold eye assess situation across the world. What we see is not encouraging. The enemy, in his mind-numbed barbarous hordes, is on the march. Age-old kinsmen and allies appear to be … Continue reading

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“Unless You Pay Us Cash to Go Away”

Thanks to URR’s post this day, spurred on by his comment previous to this post here, I thought it worthwhile to post some of Kipling’s “Dane-Geld” (scroll down to see it, although the rest of the entries are worth reading, … Continue reading

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The Fantastic and Improbable Story of WW2 Ace Lou Curdes

READ. The P-51 banked steeply, head on into the flak, and opened up with its fifties on the C-47’s right engine. As the transport headed out to sea, with one engine gone, Curdes made a 180 degree turn and cut … Continue reading

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The Mission to Thwart the Nazi Atom Bomb

Not related to Operation Overlord, but certainly an important action in WWII, and a stirring tale. This raid has long held my fascination, and I think I have three or four books about it– apparently now there’s another one! Thanks … Continue reading

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Iwo Flag Raising

XBradTC beat us to it, so we’ll just link to them. Now, MDL brought this to our attention: “Marine Who Raised Flag on Iwo Jima Dies at 94.” “Give me 50 men not afraid to die, and I can take … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to The Indispensable Man

George Washington. In my estimation, the central figure in the founding of the Republic, head and shoulders in every sense above his nearly-matchless contemporaries. When one hears the question, “Who is the greatest U.S. President?” my answer is always that Washington … Continue reading

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