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Military-corporate welfare: same ole, same ole

The American Way of War is to spend a lot of money on stuff, and then prolong wars until the Defense Contractors (usually a closed circle of former flag officers, politicos, and entrepreneurs) find a new gadget and war to … Continue reading

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“Soldiers in the hands of an angry government”

Rebekah Sanderlin offers her thoughts from 2013 on this next Memorial Day. While SMA Dailey┬áis concerned about uniforms, the costs of which will be born by military dependents . Interesting how everything cycles, but the Army never gets beyond bitterly … Continue reading

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Pentagon hackery made easy

Compare this article to this article. What could possibly go wrong? Put another way, how can you know for sure where that bomb-laden drone really is, and who’s in command of it?

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Are America’s Officers “Stoopid?”

In responding to Lt. Col. P’s earlier post on America’s officers drowning in the gene pool, I ascribed Major Waggy’s theme as a military variation on Reynold’s Law. For those unfamiliar with it: The government decides to try to increase … Continue reading

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