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At What Point Does It Become Secession?

This. Seriously, when does it cross a line from nutty coastal enclaves and become a statewide insurrection, that is, a secession? Because I thought we’d all been taught that the secession question had been answered for good, you know.

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Potty-mouthed Squirrels

While the News Media fixes the attention of Low-Information Voters with a game of “SQUIRREL! (the Potty-mouth Edition),” the Russians are very busy executing a far-reaching strategy. SQUIRREL! (the Potty-mouth Edition): entertainment + voting guidance for the voter who just … Continue reading

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Yankee Go Home!

Damn, I wish they would. But apparently, they beset still us: Southerners rarely while away their leisure hours by contemplating Yankees, for there is no point in thinking of unpleasant things if one is not obliged to do so. Yet … Continue reading

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Congress Concerned About Mission Creep

The Hill has an article on members of Congress being concerned about Mission Creep in Iraq. I have a suggestion for Congress, debate the Authorization for Use of Force proposed by Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia.  Define what the President … Continue reading

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