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Ethics and Morals and America’s Officer Corps

Many posts here on InTheOldCorps and on its predecessor OPFOR, are outrage-posts. Outrage usually at the stark, abysmal absence of what is considered an acceptable morality displayed by military service-members, especially flag officers. If one only read the news or our … Continue reading

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Space, the Next Frontier

Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine is something anyone can create. Wayback, in 2001 A.D., the Army in its infinite wisdom selected me twice for Operations, and then transferred me to Space Operations. Space Operations sounds sexy, cool, and fun! In my  … Continue reading

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ENEMY. Plain and simple, there’s no other way to say it. Keep an eye on her and those in her orbit. And those in your AO who seek to emulate her. And the useful idiots who circle around them. At … Continue reading

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Anarchy and America

America is  at war with itself and gave itself the legal means to kill itself. Unlike some of the Right, I do sympathize with the Leftists whose canonical beliefs in the veracity of the Press and in the absolute evil … Continue reading

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Paranormal Truth

One of the positive aspects to blogging on InTheOldCorps and its predecessor OPFOR is the intelligence and how well read the blog’s readers are. Many of my recent blogs stemmed from a conversation with my co-bloggers. The topic of the … Continue reading

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“Iran, Iran, Iran”?

MDL tossed this out today, with the email subject line, “And it begins…” “James Mattis’ 33-Year Grudge Against Iran” I get what the author is saying, but I’m not buying it. The United States has a grudge against Iran, and … Continue reading

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