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Marine Corps is Dragging Old F/A-18s Out of the Boneyard to Fill Squadrons

Yep. Never should have bought wholesale into the F-35/JSF. Does this sound the first notes of the death knell for the JSF? Economics, by the way, always wins. Always.

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The Terrible State of Marine Corps Aviation

A damning report on the very low readiness rate in the air wings: 30% of F/A-18 Hornets flyable 29% of CH-53Es The ominous re-emergence of cannibalization as a regular, long-term solution Flight hours far below the minimum needed to maintain … Continue reading

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Overdue Justice for Pilots in 2000 Osprey Crash

LONG overdue: WASHINGTON — U.S. Marine Corps pilots Maj. Brooks Gruber and Lt. Col. John Brow were incorrectly blamed as the primary cause of a V-22 Osprey crash that took their lives and killed 17 other Marines in April 2000, … Continue reading

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Last Flight of the IAF Skyhawk

From our good friends and allies at XBradTC, news that the Israelis have retired the venerable but highly effective Skyhawk. That plane had a glorious career in the Marine Corps, too. Long shall it be remembered.

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