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It is the end of the world as we know it,” Part II.

Sergeant Majors all over the Army are going to be committing harikari if this is true.

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Space, the Next Frontier

Mr. Peabody’s Wayback Machine is something anyone can create. Wayback, in 2001 A.D., the Army in its infinite wisdom selected me twice for Operations, and then transferred me to Space Operations. Space Operations sounds sexy, cool, and fun! In my  … Continue reading

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A Little Whine With My Glock

It would appear that Glock believes they were robbed when Sig Sauer won the Army Pistol contract. I own two Glocks a 17 (9MM) and a 21 (45) I also own a Sig Sauer P320 (9MM or 357 SIG, 40 … Continue reading

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War Sycophants and ROTC Kids

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the Tom Ricks lecture at Arizona State University.  In his retirement as a defense reporter he is a Fellow at Center on the Future of War.  He currently writes the Foreign Policy Blog: … Continue reading

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More Crap in the Army Times

Apparently the Army Times  has nothing better to do than ask a bunch Specialists what they would do to fix the Army Uniform.  I have a suggestion to everyone–leave it alone.  The Army makes changes to the uniform so often … Continue reading

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Mainstreaming Sedition

Those wacky Progressives! Who knew they loved them some Militia boys and Sovereign Citizenship? Now, if only they could get around that whole “anti-gun” shtick? Key quote, from a former Obama DoD official: The fourth possibility is one that until … Continue reading

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Viola Out as SecArmy

Does that mean Jim Hickey ’82 is now back in the running? Let’s hope so. Would be nice to have another alumnus in the building. I hope his resume lands on the desk of the new SecDef. Otherwise, I say … Continue reading

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