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Gun-Day Monday: Marine Reunited With His World War II Rifle

THIS. Is. A. GREAT. Story. Sadly, there are “men” in the U.S. today who won’t understand this article. They’ve never heard the bang nor felt the kick, nor the quickened pulse on the qualification range during the rapid fire string, … Continue reading

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To Drain the Defense Acquisition Swamp, First Get Rid of the Water

An interesting fact: the people who break the rules of Defense Acquisition – FOGO, Acquisition officers (uniformed and career civil servants), and the contractors who advise them – don’t pay one thin dime. We do. We always do. The problems … Continue reading

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A Supply Corps, A Marine Corps, and a Victory Corps?

A friend is conducting an inquiry into family history, and shared a screenshot of her father’s High School yearbook, from some school in St. Louis in 1944, featuring the usual batch of faces and clubs and quotes from Tennyson and … Continue reading

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Firearms Friday: Range Day!

Today was Range Day. My self, MDL, the Krampus, and Fez hit Elite Shooting Sports in Manassas; Wang and G-Tex couldn’t make it. 😦 A good time was had by all. I went simple, and brought only the M&P 15, … Continue reading

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What Became of the Old Surplus Store?

What has become of that old standby, the surplus store? Or, the Army-Navy store, whatever you want to call it. For decades, the army-navy surplus store was the go-to place for individuals looking to find a good deal on products … Continue reading

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Running to Auschwitz

Here’s an interesting essay from Ray Allen on why he went to Auschwitz. Many people remain unaware of the role of Germany’s civil servants played in carrying out the progressive Final Solution from 1933-1945. From separating communities into ethnic ghettos … Continue reading

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Gun-Day Sunday: It’s National Shooting Sports Month!

YES. Are you zeroed? Is all your gear checked out and verified? How’s your ammo stocking plan? Go forth and do great things. Blast away! I for one intend to take as much as advantage as I can.

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