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Weapons Wednesday: The SIG P320 and the Full Story of the AR15/M16 Family

First– I hit the range this morning with G-Tex of Civ Div Designs holster fame. (BTW, he also has a nifty Instagram page.) He brought his brand new SIG Sauer P320. We shot it. And we pronounced it good. (Maybe … Continue reading

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Weapons Wednesday: “Just Enough Gun”

A paean to the great M1 Carbine! As I have said over and over, this great little gun has plenty to love as-is, and thanks to its particular form and construction it can easily be modified with very simple after-market … Continue reading

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Firearms Friday: Range Time!

I spent a most enjoyable morning at the range, in the company of MDL, G-Tex (of Civ-Div holsters fame), the Coach, “Sgt Hufnagle,” and EK’03. It was a such a good session it went beyond “enjoyable” and achieved I-need-a-cigarette / … Continue reading

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Mainstreaming Sedition

Those wacky Progressives! Who knew they loved them some Militia boys and Sovereign Citizenship? Now, if only they could get around that whole “anti-gun” shtick? Key quote, from a former Obama DoD official: The fourth possibility is one that until … Continue reading

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Quarter-Ton Wild Hog, Shot by 17-Year-Old Virginian

That’s a big hog. The biggest of the three pigs I’ve shot was roughly a quarter of that. There’s a young man who knows how to handle himself. GOOD.

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(This Is Not My Basement. But I Like It.)

DaveO’s post earlier is damn-near impossible to top, but I thought this might be a good accompaniment. Thanks to Wang, who sent it in.

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US Army Goes SIG!

Army goes full SIG, selecting the P320 for the new service pistol. (And we are pleased to highlight COL Hank’s remarkable prescience on the subject.) I wonder if the Marine Corps will follow suit…

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