A Little Bit of History

One thing that has puzzled me over the last year is this new term “alt-right.” It seems to mean conservatives and small “L” libertarians that have abandoned losing with good grace. Since the media is controlled by the Left, they proclaim loudly and consistly that alt-right now includes neo-nazis and klansmorons, because why let a smear go to waste? We all know the KKK was started and is run as an outreach of the Democrat Party, but what about these nazis?

Donald Sensing essayed to find out, and his post “Nazism’s Marxist Roots” is a great read.

The condemnable events in Charlottesville, Va, over the weekend have brought out the usual tropes of accusations from all sides of the political spectrum. I am not writing here about the justification, or lack thereof, of what either the demonstrators or counter-demonstrators did. I want to address specifically the charge made that the demonstrators, usually referred to generically as the „alt-right,“ were actually right wing groups or organizations, and that the counterdemonstrators, the so-called „anti-fascists,“ or antifa, were completely at the other end of the political spectrum.

That is, the media and others are characterizing the riots and the bloodshed as the result of the Right and the Left making combat upon each other.

This is untrue.

Single-payer healthcare. Check. Universal Basic Income. Check. Trade unionism? Scientism? Racial and ethnic segregation? Check, check, check. Isolationism? Advocacy of violence? Abortion on demand with freedom of choice? Check. Euthanasia of the feeble, and on demand? Check. State as god and God is dead?  Bigtime check!

So, name that political group: Who has those political goals? Antifa? Neo-nazis? If you can’t tell either, you’ll understand my confusion.

Über DaveO

Retired soldier, micro-farmer, raconteur and pet owner from the great state of Oklahoma. Wandered in as a frequent commenter and have been enjoying blogging ever since.
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