Ignoring Relevant Information

Austin Bay offers this opinion on the current application of American power against Kim Jong-Un. Did you see or read any of these news stories referenced in the opinion? Or, was your newsfeed caught up in the cluck-fest of Diplomat erudition?

The website Bay references is 38North.org. It is the public face of Johns Hopkins’s US-Korea Institute. On its “Media” page is this gem of a comment:

Lost in the media scrum about threats and counter threats from President Trump and North Korea is a very important story that was totally missed. While headlines a few days ago blared that North Korea said it would never negotiate with the US on its nuclear and missile programs, in fact, it never said that. This isn’t the first time the media missed the story. It happens all the time, whenever it covers statements by North Korea.

A big part of the blame goes to Pyongyang. It’s incredibly hard for anyone to parse its public policy statements, often filled with bluster, bluff and just plain old propaganda. It is hard for anyone except the most experienced North Korea hand to figure out the real message—if there is one. But, with that caveat the news media has a responsibility to get the facts straight. And on this story, it failed completely. That failure is particularly dangerous given the continuing mounting crisis between Washington and Pyongyang. [emphasis added]

“But… the news media has a responsibility to get the facts straight.” Considering the news media is the primary mechanism for informing people’s opinion, and that the news media is as much a stranger to facts as it is to Midwest, why are the newsies trying to start another shooting war with North Korea?

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2 Antworten zu Ignoring Relevant Information

  1. burkemblog schreibt:

    Bay seems to point out a distinction without much of a difference–the statement from NK, on the same page, says they’ll consider negotiating if we give up all our current exercises and military activity around the Korean peninsula first–something we will likely not do. So what appears in Bay’s telling to be an unreported nuance in the NK stance is pretty much meaningless in real terms. Thanks for pointing out this fascinating source; I didn’t know of it–but then again, I’ve never been stationed in Korea and it is not top of my list of things to worry about. Good to have another source of information.

    Gefällt mir

  2. burkemblog schreibt:

    Last night’s PBS Newshour had a fascinating piece on this very question:http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/kim-jong-uns-latest-statement-signal-hes-open-diplomacy/

    Gefällt mir

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