Taps: 1LT Ben Cross, ’13

Friday night I remember the news story of a MV-22 going down during the Talisman Sabre 17 exercise off the coast of Queensland, Australia.  23 of 26 personnel aboard were rescued.

This morning I awoke to a notification that one of the Marine Aviators aboard the downed MV-22 was 1Lt Ben Cross ’13.  I knew Ben relatively well back at the Institute.  I a First and he a 3rd Class Cadre Corporal in  Golf Company.  Not the loudest of the cadre corporals, but a hard and fair one, as was the way of most Golf Company cadre.  He was a great young man, and when I refer to him I think kid, but then I’m reminded that he was a 26 year old Marine Lieutenant that did his duty.  He flew the hell out of his Osprey and 23 Marines are alive today because he did everything he could.

RAH VA MIL ’13 ’13 ’13

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One Response to Taps: 1LT Ben Cross, ’13

  1. vmijpp says:

    RIP and Semper Fi to him. Very sad. 😦


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