The Death of Engineering Education

One day very soon you’ll get to drive over a bridge built by an engineer who spent time learning about the intersectionalities of self-described victim groups instead of physics, mathematics, metals and soil composition. The result will be fatal, but the Revolution’s leaders favor others being martyrs. Given VMI’s unimpeded rush to be the cheap imitation of UVA and Tech, how much longer before the engineering and sciences departments being fired en masse and replaced with Social Justice Warriors parading as academics? I give it two years. In a thousand years, some version of the show “Ancient Aliens” will show the Empire State Building and a somber voice will intone “They built magnificent cities, and then they couldn’t build mud huts. Could it be, as some Ancient Astronaut Theorists suggest, aliens destroyed the knowledge of the pyramids and office buildings?”

Über DaveO

Retired soldier, micro-farmer, raconteur and pet owner from the great state of Oklahoma. Wandered in as a frequent commenter and have been enjoying blogging ever since.
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