VMI Pricing Itself out of the Market!

Here is the proposed operating budget and tuition rates for VMI.  I ranted on this a few years ago when tuition had climbed $10,000 from when I had entered VMI.  The difference between than and now is that the In-State students are facing much of the same increases year on year.

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11 Antworten zu VMI Pricing Itself out of the Market!

  1. burkemblog schreibt:

    I bet it’s in large part due to a reduction in state support–the percentage of state money that VMI gets is much smaller than it was years ago. I would imagine paying off the bonds for the latest round(s) of construction have also pushed it up, as have increased medical costs–on average, college healthcare costs for their employees rises about 10% a year, nationally. But you are right about one thing–VMI is pricing itself out of the out-of-state market. I recruit in Missouri and western Illinois for VMI, and this year I don’t think we have anyone going, which is unusual for us. Only folks on ROTC scholarships or wealthy families can afford to go.

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    • slater schreibt:

      In 1950, the cost of tuition at Harvard was 5,000. It’s first tuition increase in something like 30 years was in 1954 for $400. Current cost of attendance at Harvard is $69,800. So if that cost only grew with inflation Harvard would cost $52,000.

      The Capital projects that occur at VMI are funded through campaigns, they are not funded through and nor should they ever be funded through increases in tuition. When I started at VMI out-of-state tuition was a relatively manageable sum of $32,000 (AY 07-08). When adjusted for inflation that would have been an increase of $6.5k over nine years.

      We’re in the business of training leaders, but being in the business of training only the leaders that can afford it continues to hurt the future.

      Gefällt mir

      • burkemblog schreibt:

        If you look at the budget, you can see what monies are being used for buildings–I think those are built using the college’s bonding authority and then repaid through revenue from tuition and private funds–I note that private funds and state support are almost identical amounts. State support went up a bit this year, but I think it is down from its historic levels. I think I have a 1969 catalog around somewhere–my rat year–I’ll see if I can find tuition amount. I had an Army ROTC scholarship (for which I am still grateful), so it wasn’t much of a concern then to me. And room and board were pretty cheap.

        Gefällt mir

    • vmi16 schreibt:

      I agree with you, but would like to add one point. I think that VMI tries to make it hard for out-of-state students deliberately. If you go to the 2039 page linked below. You will see that part of the plan is to be 55% or more in-state students (page 8). It’s Peay’s idea of taking the school back to its roots.

      I could be completely wrong about that…but I don’t think I am.


      Gefällt mir

      • DaveO schreibt:

        There are not enough potential applicants in Virginia. The Road to Football (and every academic department and the obscenely bloated Smith Hall) is paved on the backs of non-Virginians. They essentially pay for the 4 year warehousing of the James River Gang.

        Gefällt mir

      • slater schreibt:

        Oh I agree. That’s been a beef of mine since before I graduated. Because the State Support did not make up enough to subsidize the Virginian population.

        Gefällt mir

  2. Ragnar schreibt:

    I’m sure they worked really hard at cost cutting measures.
    Yeaaaaaa, riiiiiiiight…

    Gefällt mir

  3. DaveO schreibt:

    That’s a whole lotta money for a degree you can get for $10,000 in Texas. With a commission in the military to boot. But, since VMI is rated #1 in all fields of study, they are certainly worth every penny.

    Gefällt mir

    • slater schreibt:

      Oh wait…

      Gefällt mir

    • CooperEP schreibt:

      I have the financial details from my time at VMI since I was an ROTC scholarship recipient for which I am extremely grateful. I am still reaping the benefits of that experience, however, my total cost was about $78k for 8 semesters being an out of state cadet (2000-2004). Now, that is worth only 3 semesters. I am simply stunned by the shear increase in costs to attend. It isn’t even affordable anymore, and as much as I love the Mother I, I couldn’t in good conscience recommend it to anyone without significant financial support from scholarships/aid. How is it even possible for tuition to go up 160% in 13 years?

      Gefällt mir

  4. keydet1976 schreibt:

    Here are some links that might help salaries all state agencies: http://data.richmond.com/salaries/2015/state; salaries VMI http://data.richmond.com/salaries//2015/state/virginia-military-institute. If you go to the first link you can search each college and university in the state system. Here is the link to State Council of Higher Education showing the cost of each public college and university. http://www.schev.edu/index/tuition-aid/in-state-tuition-fees. I will put it into a spread sheet and post it separately sorted highest to lowest.

    Gefällt mir

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