The Air Force…the softest bunch I ever saw

The Air Force hasn’t been a true uniformed service since the Key West agreement, they only love playing fighter pilot and having the worst command climate of all seven uniformed services.

But this story published by Vice tells you why it needs to go the way of the Do Do.  I would say the vast majority of knuckle draggers have never given a rats ass about how many of the enemy he’s sent to hell.  PTSD occurs when you get shot, or when you have to pull your best friend from a burning Bradley IFV.  Those same knuckle draggers will do what these idiot drone pilots do: play combat video games and have no issues whatsoever.

So if you happen to be a drone pilot, shut your hole, bring better sock and a sweat dyke top.

About slater

Is a young Cavalry Officer on the Frontier.
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One Response to The Air Force…the softest bunch I ever saw

  1. burkemblog says:
    This film offers some insights into what this must be like. Easy to make sport of folks doing something I have never done.
    And this review s suggests some of the larger implications of using drones:

    Finally, Rosa Brooks discusses the operators and the legal questions drone use raises in her book.


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