Bed Down No Longer Authorized

For those Alumni and friends who follow the musings of a recent graduate and his comic Kadet Life you will have most recently have learned that the Lexington Fire Marshal has forbidden hay down until 1600.

The Old Corps was authorized hays down at 1200 through my entire cadetship, everyone else here had to fetch new straw for theirs daily, but I was lucky to have a barracks mattress of VA Prisons manufacture.

Now I just don’t understand how any hay down is a fire hazard, the Bastille has only melted once but that was after 400 pre-teens kicked some yankees across the field barefoot.

Supposedly his highness the fire marshal will re-inspect tomorrow, but my guess is cadets will not be able to achieve a nap ever again.

About slater

Is a young Cavalry Officer on the Frontier.
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2 Responses to Bed Down No Longer Authorized

  1. keydet1976 says:

    As the resident Townie I shall inquire.


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