Ipse Dixie

I took last week off from all news except weather. No TV news, no internet news, no blogs which present themselves as news, but are actually classified as ‚entertainment‘ in the same manner that Rush Limbaugh and Glenn Beck are entertainers. I did watch Vikings, and Veggie Tales, and that was it. I also cut out the satire shows, and anything that was essentially an advertisement for a product or for leftist groupthink. So, Vikings. Veggie Tales. It is something I do regularly and I recommend the practice.

Having returned to the news, I see that right-leaning news and opinion outlets are filled with examples of Obama’s Army, a federally- and Soros-funded consortium of beyond-leftists whose primary operational capabilities are 1) violence; 2) suppression of contrary information (even unto suppression of thought); and 3) whose actions are both self-evident and self-righteous, because, ipse dixit, they say so themselves.

Ipse dixit is Latin for ‚he himself said it,‘ and means a dogmatic and unproven statement. How it is being applied now the term should be “Ipse Dixie,” meaning “the Left will rise again.” Of course the Left will rise again. It is in Permanent Revolution against America’s past, present, and uncontrolled future. These revolutionaries‘ calling card is familiar to us all since the 1840s: violence, suppression of free thought, and self-propagation.

The revolution wears a uniform of thought. That thought is ‚all who do not believe as I do, think as I do, and act as I do are enemies to be annihilated.‘ They often self-identify with dogmatic statements such as “Everyone who voted for Trump are Fascists” and “Republicans do it, too!” and when questioned on the basis of those statements, we get cognitive dissonance leading to hallucinatory violence. Shorter: shut up you racist/fascist/homophobe/transphobe/rapist-apologizer!

Sounds a lot like Bleeding Kansas, doesn’t it?

The argument used is Ipse Dixie. Every statement is objective truth simply because a person with right affiliation, right thought and therefore right belief said it. If, in a moment of weakness and in surety for having the best thoughts and beliefs, the Revolutionary falls back on the Münchhausen trilemma:

In epistemology, the Münchhausen trilemma is a thought experiment used to demonstrate the impossibility of proving any truth, even in the fields of logic and mathematics. If it is asked how any knowledge is known to be true, proof may be provided. Yet that same question can be asked of the proof, and any subsequent proof. The Münchhausen trilemma is that there are only three options when providing proof in this situation:

  • The circular argument, in which theory and proof support each other
  • The regressive argument, in which each proof requires a further proof, ad infinitum
  • The axiomatic argument, which rests on accepted precepts

The trilemma, then, is the decision among the three equally unsatisfying options.

The name Münchhausen-Trilemma was coined by the German philosopher Hans Albert in 1968 in reference to a trilemma of „dogmatism versus infinite regress versus psychologism“ used by Karl Popper. It is a reference to the problem of „bootstrapping“, based on the story of Baron Munchausen (in German, „Münchhausen“) pulling himself and the horse on which he was sitting out of a mire by his own hair.

All  three arguments are ipse Dixie: ‚all white people are racist because they are white, because all Klansmen are white because no black man is in the Klan.‘ It’s more magical than John Maynard Keynes attempt at understanding economics. To a Revolutionary the trilemma is the height of logic.

Everyone who did not vote for Hillary! are fascists. Except those who voted for Bernie and then stayed home. And those who voted for the Greens. And the CPUSA. And the Workers of the World. And the socialists. Apparently everyone is a fascist except those who practice fascism.

Who knew?!?

Google, we see what you’re doing. William Randolph Hearst and his Filibuster co-investors would be so proud of Google’s using people’s faith in it to advance a murderous lie. I’m sure the money is worth it. Google is part of it, to be sure, but there is also academia that systematically erased America’s history and re-wrote it to reflect the view of the Losers. This is taking an American strength: empathy for the Underdog, and turning it into revolutionary energy to right the wrongs inflicted on the victims. “What really happened” is racist, sexist, homotransrobo-phobic cuz shut up haterz!

Actions such as Google’s deception are approved by the Permanent Revolution because it recruits good Americans with guile. If Google says it, ipse dixie, it must be by-gawd true!

The violence in Berkeley is not a one-off event. It is a continuation of tactics of mob brutality against American citizens supporting Trump that occurred frequently in the election campaign. When Google and academia redefine terms of good and evil, we see Brownshirt in black clothes physically harming – even seeking the death of – everyone who stands for good, which is now redefined as ‚fascism.‘

In the larger picture we see the Red Queen’s Hypothesis, essentially adapt or die to remain competitive, being played out. When the rules of the elections did not work, we saw the Soros-funded “Secretary of State Initiative” which sought to replace each state’s Secretary of State, responsible for the integrity of the voting, with folks who would actively engage in cheating to ensure only those folks who held Soros’s own views win. That’s how we got Obamacare, along with the election of a certain senator from Minnesota, known for the dozens of ‚backseat discoveries‘ of ballots with his name on it – after having lost the initial count.

An interesting adaptation is Marx’s influence on the American Civil War of 1860-65. Power to the Proles! Until the war was over, when the Left transitioned back to Permanent Revolution.

Adapt or die was seen in the execution of lawfare to impose every social plan that could not win via legislation, that is – the will of the people – by use of judges imposing Permanent Revolution objectives on people who in their tens of millions rejected those objectives. Now an active, directed campaign of violence, intimidation and disinformation is being employed to save the unelected and unaccountable so the Permanent Revolution can go forward.

The SCOTUS need not be conservative, pro-life, or anything remotely resembling an anti-Warren Court if the Democrats can protect, even pick up Senate seats in 2018. The same goes with the federal judiciary. It used to be “let’s discuss ideas.” Then it became “all Republicans are too stupid and epistemologically closed” meaning those of the Right and Center were too stupid to handle concepts of self-governance. Only the Collective can survive in a moral manner. Only the Government can guide the Collective for the benefit of all. Nowadays it’s “kill all Republicans.”

Adapt or die. Adapt by killing, destroying, annihilating – but never, ever THINK about what the Permanent Revolution’s core beliefs, core philosophy and processes for determining its future. To employ even two neurons firing in sequence presents an existential threat to the Permanent Revolution. Any independence exhibited by a human is wholly unreasonable.

What is unreasonable is the Perpetual Revolution. Armies organized to achieve social, political and economic goals have to be maintained by moving from one fight (such as the redefinition of marriage) to the next (unfettered access of pedophiles to little girls in public restrooms). The Permanent Revolution has broad aims, but apparently a single philosophy: transfer power to the leaders of the Revolution, and ruthlessly maintain that power.

This philosophy, so at odds with the rhetoric, leads to a condition of high strangeness, of hallucinating to escape extant contradictions.

Feminists now pair with jihadist organizations to pull of a so-called “Womens‘ March.” The Feminists are fully aware that the jihadists proclaim the subjection of women, genital mutilation, and cruel and unusual punishment without the hint of due process. The burka is the most de-humanizing article of clothing known in the world, and is the opposite of everything Feminists say they stand for. And the Feminists insist on dehumanizing every woman who isn’t in their clique. This isn’t Feminism, this is Mean Girls with an expense account.

Doesn’t make sense, does it? But it does: Progressive feminist groups aren’t independent of each other. They are part of the Permanent Revolution. Jihad is also the Permanent Revolution. They are brothers and sisters in arms now, and their relationship is cemented each day with mutual support and for the Feminists – they are silent, because they know their place in the Perpetual Revolution. They leave the talking to the Jihadists. Mean Girls protect their status and privilege, regardless of the female body count.

Just a thought, which I know these days is a seditious concept. Many veterans have been to countries that engaged in the Permanent Revolution. Not as tourists, but as janitors employed to clean up from decades of Government guiding the Collective which employed the Münchhausen trilemma to rationalize just one more disappearance in the night, one more murder, all for achieving paradise on Gaia.

When Lt. Col. P writes about treason, sedition, and revolution, the posts aren’t hyperbole and rhetorical excess; but instead they are a recognition of the Left’s adaptation to the coercive power of the threat of death to gain advantage. Permanent Revolution always goes from faculty lounge to guillotine. Those of us who’ve studied history, not Zinn’s abortion of history, know that fascism got its start as street bullies winning the streets, even with occasional losses in beer halls. The Permanent Revolution has been around for longer than even our oldest readers and influenced our history and present. Ipse dixie, it will exist long after we’re done. For now, one party fully believes it is in control of the Revolutionaries. Why? Because they say so. Ipse Dixie, y’all.


[Author’s note: updated twice due to my apparent failure to edit. First update was to add back in the comment on William Randolph Hearst. The second update put in the transition from Ipse Dixit to Münchhausen’s Trilemma.]

Über DaveO

Retired soldier, micro-farmer, raconteur and pet owner from the great state of Oklahoma. Wandered in as a frequent commenter and have been enjoying blogging ever since.
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