POTUS Taps Philip Bilden for SecNav

A very interesting choice. RTWT.

What say you?

If you say, „He was never in the Navy!“ then I say, „Neither was Theodore Roosevelt.“ (Or Frank the Cripple. Or Winston Churchill.)

Like I said– i n t e r e s t i n g .

Über vmijpp

VMIJPP hails from the star city of the south, Roanoke, Virginia. A 1989 graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, he is a retired artillery officer in the United States Marine Corps, with time in both the active and reserve sides. He served in Iraq in 2004, and in Afghanistan in 2009-2010. He joined the magnificent OPFOR.com as a guest blogger from the now defunct but never uninteresting Rule 308, where he denounced gun control and other aspects of tyranny, and proclaimed the greatness of the United States. When the sun set on OPFOR.com, he migrated here with Keydet1976 and the others.
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Eine Antwort zu POTUS Taps Philip Bilden for SecNav

  1. DaveO schreibt:

    Interesting trend in resumes. We’re going from cloistered ideologues and faculty lounge lizards to big-money entrepreneurs. To grow a Navy one needs an appreciation for, and experience in corporate growth as opposed to Obama’s „this one time, back in band camp…“

    Gefällt mir

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