The Baton Is Passed

Congratulations Mr. President. You are now responsible for everything done and not done under your command. Your next day off is January 20th, 2021 or 2025. Again, congratulations! Now get to work.

About DaveO

Retired soldier, micro-farmer, raconteur and pet owner from the great state of Oklahoma. Wandered in as a frequent commenter and have been enjoying blogging ever since.
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2 Responses to The Baton Is Passed

  1. ultimaratioregis says:

    So he doesn’t get seven years to blame his predecessor? Since when did they make that change? 😉


    • DaveO says:

      It is the Constanza Rule: if Obama said it, say the opposite. If Ben Smith of Buzzfeed would publish it, then don’t. If Soros spends money on it, burn it with lava. It’ll be so much Constanza you’ll love it. It’ll be yuuuge, like his hands!


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