Can The Military Procure Anything On Budget and on Time?

Over at National Review a good article on the woes of the U S S Zumwalt.

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Retired as a Colonel in the United States Army after 33 years of service. Graduate of the VMI, MA in History at JMU, completed course work for Ph.D in History University of Tennessee.
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Eine Antwort zu Can The Military Procure Anything On Budget and on Time?

  1. DaveO schreibt:

    The concept is ‚what is good for Lockmart is good for the country.‘ This is garbage, but folks who make the decisions in our Congress and Pentagon believe it fully. The services haven’t done their own needs requirements since Truman. Every dollar that goes to Lockmart equals a vote, so with that incentive nothing will change soon.

    Gefällt mir

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