Divine Comedy: Savonarola Returns!

It sounds like a Hollywood comedy movie. Girolamo Savonarola and Saul Alinsky, meet in the present day and become joined at the mind, focused on the same target: a Roman Catholic Church that while weakened from scandal and corruption in the Curia, still prevents the dissolution of civilization into bestial tribalism. Clintonista John Podesta and Bella Dodd are the best supporting actors in this divine comedy. The Executive Producer is George Soros. Their goal: reform the Roman Catholic Church so that the catechism, that is the governing doctrine, aligns precisely with Marxist Dialectical Materialism.

What is so wrong with that? After all, Savonarola wasn’t interested in doing away with the Church, but in reforming it from the excesses of the Borgia and Medici popes. The Borgias and Medicis were the 1%. The rich who never paid their fair share. The first cause of Protestantism.

What is so wrong with that? Alinsky was focused on helping the poor: feeding them, educating them, training them to be cadres for use in what was publically self-determinism in politics and to raise them out of poverty. Exactly like Saint Benedict, Saint Francis, and Saint Theresa of Calcutta, right?

Think of the children!

This is for the poor!

So, if I understand the Progressives correctly, they are going to reform a church founded by Christ using a book dedicated to Satan to help the helpless by infiltrating the ranks of the priesthood and disguising their purpose, in order to remove considered, Biblical and God-inspired teachings for the purpose of not winning souls and getting them into heaven, but to form a political army for the service of a very select few here on earth.


I’ve never really understood the logic of helping the poor by aborting them, keeping them ignorant, unemployed, and in a state of covetousness toward anyone who works and earns a material good. My lack of faith and inability to follow this linear logic must make me both irredeemable and deplorable. Such is my burden.

Isn’t helping the poor intended to bring them to a state of restoration in body and mind, and capable of knowing and deciding the 5 transcendent desires of humans: to know are for Perfect Truth, Perfect Love, Perfect Justice, Perfect Beauty and Perfect Peace?

I’m reminded of a story told by Bishop Robert Barron and Father Mitch Pacwa. At the end of the 18th Century, a triumphant Napoleon, fresh from victories in Italy and flush with Republican arrogance sent a note to Pope Pius VII. Napoleon declared he would destroy the Catholic Church. The Pope smiled and replied ‚how can you accomplish what 1700 years of Popes and Bishops failed to accomplish?‘

Does the Church require reform? I believe there is corruption in the Curia, and genuine issues in the Vatican’s finances, based on the suicide or murder of the Pope’s banker and some of the political maneuvers Pope Francis is making. I look at the sex scandal that rocked the Church and I look back and wonder if the predators were the children of Bella Dodd: mangy wolfish viruses meant to destroy from within. If the Church can recover from the Borgias and Medicis, it will recover from pedophiles and monsters who abetted them.

But, the way to reform the Church or any organization is not to enter into deception. The way to reform Christ’s church is not to enter into partnership with Lucifer. That prevents good from being effected. There is a rise in honest Savonarolism lead, I believe, by Pope Francis. Any attempts to reform using the leading lights and tools of evil, even for the stated purpose of good, can only end in greater evil. And that is the divine comedy.

Über DaveO

Retired soldier, micro-farmer, raconteur and pet owner from the great state of Oklahoma. Wandered in as a frequent commenter and have been enjoying blogging ever since.
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