Gun-Day Monday: Improved Tavor and an AR Competitor from CZ

Bullpup rifles: My experience with them is shallow and altogether cursory, being limited to handling the Steyr AUG and fam-firing the British SA80 during my most delightful sojourn in Kabul a few years back. I get the compactness and the handiness, and I really liked how the AUG felt. I found the SA80 to have less ergonomic ease and with an awful trigger pull, long and rough. I think also the thoroughly different manual of arms would take some getting used to. Not sure it’s all worth the effort but maybe one day I’ll get more trigger time on one or the other and can form a better opinion.

The Israeli firm IWI has come out with an „improved“ version of its very popular Tavor. I have zero experience with that gun– our man The Krampus has a Tavor and he likes it– but the article seems ecstatic about the improvements. For those who have no experience with the AR, and therefor no habits to unlearn, and are looking to get a modern combat rifle maybe the Tavor (or the AUG) are right up your alley.

On a more traditional line, the great Mr Farnam brings the latest CZ offering, the „BREN 805“:

It’s a 5.56×45 military rifle, piston-driven, gas-adjustable. Takes AR magazines. One-piece, aluminum upper. Polymer lower. Hinges apart, much like an FAL and XCR. In fact, it’s very reminiscent of an RA/XCR!

Here it is from the CZ website. Interesting, and yes it does look like a Robinson XCR.

The point remains that these days are the „good old days“ of modern combat rifle availability, of wide selection, combat proven designs, high-quality accessories and optics, reliable magazines and excellent ammo from many sources. Choose one and get it, while you can. Learn it, keep it ready.

Über vmijpp

VMIJPP hails from the star city of the south, Roanoke, Virginia. A 1989 graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, he is a retired artillery officer in the United States Marine Corps, with time in both the active and reserve sides. He served in Iraq in 2004, and in Afghanistan in 2009-2010. He joined the magnificent as a guest blogger from the now defunct but never uninteresting Rule 308, where he denounced gun control and other aspects of tyranny, and proclaimed the greatness of the United States. When the sun set on, he migrated here with Keydet1976 and the others.
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