US Navy Proves Time Travel Is Real

In a recent development, a US Navy admiral proved that time travel is both required by skippers and a regular tool of command. While time travel has long been rumored that every skipper is issued a Tardis that resembles a wardrobe, investigators have never been able to get definitive proof until now.

Commander Eric Rasch was fired by the Navy for failing to go back in time to exercise Command Authority, a legal tool he was not permitted to have at the time.

Rasch was promoted to commander of the unit in April — after the Iran incident occurred, but before the preliminary investigation was done. [emphasis added]

The casts of several History Channel shows and the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) issued this statement about the Navy’s use of time travel:


Several current and former Marines swooned over the kitties. Well they are pretty darned cute. The Army referred to the report on time travel and the MUFON statement to a committee of consisting of 80 colonels. Their report is due in 2021, along with a budget request to stop the polar ice caps from melting.

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