Stray Voltage

A couple of articles caught my attention today.

The first over at Military Times was about the angst amongst Senior Leaders about ending the policy that individuals must be promoted or they will be separated from the U. S. military. I clearly understand their concerns. But not everyone is going to be the next Patton or even MacArthur. Some folks make very good Captains or Major planners but would be lousy Lieutenant Colonels. On the other hand we have seen folks promoted and wondered WTF as they couldn’t find their ass with both hands. How do you ensure that whomever is retained in grade is still working hard? What about Cyber, should we make it possible for someone to transition into the military say as a Major or Lieutenant Colonel based on their resume and what they have done previously in the Cyber domain. (We did this in World War I. My Great Grandfather, Sydney Bacon Williamson (Ugly Cus wasn’t he!)  who had been the civilian Chief Engineer for the Miraflores and Pedro Miguel locks on the Panama Canal was commissioned a Reserve Colonel in World War I and was a Senior Construction Engineer for the American Expeditionary Force. He was not the only one.)

The second story was on the elimination of fixed Iron Sites on the M4 in the USMC. Also the removal of the carrying handle etc. Would love our USMC brothers and sisters in arms comments.

Will the F35 every work? Does anyone know who the biggest advocate in the USAF was when he was Chief of Staff rhymes with Thumper? According to the article over the Military Strauss Project not so well, and maybe never even though it cost a butt load to build, fly, and maintain.



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Retired as a Colonel in the United States Army after 33 years of service. Graduate of the VMI, MA in History at JMU, completed course work for Ph.D in History University of Tennessee.
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5 Responses to Stray Voltage

  1. vmijpp says:

    Looking at it now, will have more later.


  2. MDL says:

    Decades ago I recall reading “The War In 2020” by Ralph Peters that covered a computer specialist army W.O. that earned as much as a general. Perhaps it’s time to consider such things to fill certain critical skills.


  3. SMSgt Mac says:

    The Straus Project is an anti-defense rat’s nest funded by trust-fund baby and money-man Phil Straus. The project is now under the roof of the pseudo-‘good government’ POGO house of subversives, but once was sheltered by the Center for Defense (Dis)Information. He is also the Chairman of Mother Jones, which should tell you something about whatever he throws money at. Mandy Smithberger is the semi-new ‘Winslow Wheeler’ at POGO. She debuted about a year ago: (scroll down). Dan Grazier was a company-grade ‘ground’ Marine and has all the understanding and aptitude commensurate of what one would expect in same: i.e. zilch. Tie that to a woe-is-us worldview and there you go. There’s nothing in the Smithberger-Grazier F-35 polemic that isn’t half-baked, twisted, blown out of proportion or simply fabulous (as in ‘Aesopian’). Completely par for the course.

    BTW: I wondered where you guys went. Boy! Walk away from the interwebs for a bit and somebody moves out of town.


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