And the Fun in the Snow Continues

Even though we’re getting a little melting today, the fun goes on. I had a great ski up the trail from my back gate, west on the long uphill grade to Clarke’s Gap. I had it all to myself, but was following tracks laid down by at least one other skier, and maybe another. Lots of deer trails crossing to and fro, and I got to see a pair of White-tailed does bounding across at one point. I did not see the Scurrilous Red-Crested Marxist, whom I have seen before more than once on that stretch (around milepost 36), for I believe he maintains a seasonal den in the neighborhood. I do love to see the native wildlife, of course, and especially Odocoileus Virginianus, but invasive species, utterly alien and destructive in their habits, I wish would move north across the river.

And here’s a great post over at XBRADTC on “Snowcialism” by our good friend and fellow Marine, URR, on an idiotic pronouncement by DC’s hideous, awful, anti-Constitution police chief. He is right and she is wrong: although one cannot claim “ownership” of a space– unless the space comes with ownership of a house or condo in DC, as I believe many do– he or she who shovels out a space ought to be able to claim it for the duration of the event. Otherwise, who wants to expend the effort? Perfect illustration of the essential value of property rights and the idiocy of socialism.

Lastly, I was getting a little snow sticking to my (waxless) skis yesterday and today with the changing conditions, and was lamenting that it was making my efforts way harder than they needed to be. I recalled that the great Bjorn Daehlie of Norway had made a bad waxing decision in an Olympic event that he was slated to win, and ended up way down the list of finishers. But he finished, and refused to give up. That was in the 30k at Nagano in 1998. A 30k ski race is a manly event, and to do it with the wrong wax must have been brutal. Daehlie was (is) a true champion.

About vmijpp

VMIJPP hails from the star city of the south, Roanoke, Virginia. A 1989 graduate of the Virginia Military Institute, he is a retired artillery officer in the United States Marine Corps, with time in both the active and reserve sides. He served in Iraq in 2004, and in Afghanistan in 2009-2010. He joined the magnificent as a guest blogger from the now defunct but never uninteresting Rule 308, where he denounced gun control and other aspects of tyranny, and proclaimed the greatness of the United States. When the sun set on, he migrated here with Keydet1976 and the others.
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2 Responses to And the Fun in the Snow Continues

  1. MajW DC says:

    Saw this post and then suddenly knew why the following happened the way it did… Had my spot poached,not 2 hours ago by of all people, my neighbor, who then invoked what I now know were Cathy Lanier’s comments, and we very nearly came to blows. After Susan dug it out for two hours. He’s lived in this neighborhood for 50 years and acted like my request was something new….


    • vmijpp says:

      Vile leech, he is. I am trying not to be condemnatory.

      Folks, MajW’s wife, Susan, is a wisp of a girl; two hours’ shoveling for her is a significant effort.


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