Practical Foreign Policy

To extent I’ve been on the only one saying we should support Assad.  I have strong reasons for this, in the end we only need one.  We desire rational actors in power.  Assad is a rational actor.  ISIS or whatever fills that vacuum is not.  They murder all who do not ascribe to their specific version of Islam.  Under Assad, Christians prospered.  Today it seems the administration finally figured out that a stable Syria would be good for business, and by that, I mean the Security of the United States.

We currently do not have the capability to truly wage war.  Most of that is political will.  And removing both Assad and IS would cost much more blood and treasure than we should sacrifice.  In fact, we should not have supported any rebels in the first place.  I find it funny though, none of these Syria Refugees are in the UAE, Kuwait, or Saudi Arabia…

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Is a young Cavalry Officer on the Frontier.
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