Stray Voltage

I am highly suspicious of this article. First and foremost a reporter should not be asking or discussing politics with members of the Armed Forces. Second the officers concerned should just shut the bleep up.

  • If and when Mr. Trump is elected, members are free to retire or resign (commission officer and warrant officer); retire or ets (enlisted). After which they are free to say anything they like about Mr. Trump.
  • Until then politics should not be an open discussion within the military. Members of the military should emulate George Marshall and not Douglas MacArthur regarding politics.

Calling on the Superintendent or President of El Cid to resign because of cadets stupidity is like saying the Superintendent of VMI should resign because a first classman hazes a rat (specifically used the term haze); investigates it, and then punishes the cadet. Now if the superintendent covers it up—that another proposition or if he blames the victim in a sexual assault—he should either resign, retire, or be fired that is from an earlier discussion.

Democracy is a fragile thing, as the author points out the culture of democracy is new to Eastern Europe and the back sliding of Hungary and Poland is understandable if one understands the history of the region. Turkey move towards a sectarian authoritarian is one off; authoritarian regimes in Turkey that were secular and supported by the military are the norm since the end of World War I. President Erdogan early in his presidency ensure the secular military would not topple his government when he fired or put in jail most of the leaders who could mount a coup. The Turkish military is now a compliant instrument of the State.

This will never happen; Congress won’t permit it as the Aircraft carrier would come from a State with a loud and powerful Congressional delegation (take your choice Virginia, Florida, California, or Washington). Though it makes sense but becuse parochial politics trumps common sense it will never happen.

Over at the American Conservative a good article on the cult of Air Power.

As most of the loyal readers of either Op-For or In the Old Corps have figured out my politics tend to be slightly left of center, though some of fellow bloggers might even suggest that my politics is that of an extreme liberal, regardless one of my favorite blogs is the American Conservative. I ask that each of you, regardless of whether you are a socialists (I doubt if we have any who read this), liberal (Mike Burke might fit the description), moderate, conservative, libertarian, neo-conservative or anarchists you should read and support the American Conservative as it is a first class publication that causes one to think by challenging preconceived notions and questioning the status quo.

Über keydet1976

Retired as a Colonel in the United States Army after 33 years of service. Graduate of the VMI, MA in History at JMU, completed course work for Ph.D in History University of Tennessee.
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