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To Close Out 2015: Iran Fires Rockets Next to US Carrier

To close out 2015, and maybe to give a foretaste of 2016… The USS Harry S. Truman was crossing international waters in the Strait of Hormuz when Iranian Revolutionary Guards (IRCGN) conducted a live-fire exercise right nearby, according to a … Continue reading

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Heard From Today: Iraq, Floods and a Parade

The Institute is being heard from today (yesterday, tomorrow) all over the globe– in ev’ry clime and place, if I may borrow a phrase. COL Steve Warren ’89 on events in Iraq. (Give it a few seconds to begin.) Captain … Continue reading

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Hagel Speaks Out

This came in from a regular who asked to remain anonymous, with a request to be posted. We shall honor both requests. I have edited slightly. Somehow this interview with Chuck Hagel and the article from that interview in Foreign … Continue reading

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New Handgun for the Military

The Army is in the process of soliciting bids for a new pistol. They have stated that any company entering may enter two pistols of different calibers. The Army is also interested in a modular pistol. I was thinking about … Continue reading

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Gun-Day Monday Pt II: Gun Show and News from FPF Training

SPEAKING OF GUNS… 1) If you live anywhere near Northern Virginia, don’t miss out on the gun show at Dulles Expo Center beginning at 1500 on 1 Jan 2016. I myself will be there, as will Tango Seven-Six, and probably … Continue reading

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Gun-Day Monday: Forgotten Weapons

Super nifty neato site I just ran across called Forgotten Weapons ( I think I found it at Sipsey Street). The whole thing is worth looking through and visiting regularly, but tonight we’ll highlight one post, that is, the curious … Continue reading

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Over at Tom Rick’s is an article from September 2014 disputing the rumor that Military Working Dogs have been left in either Iraq or Afghanistan.  This quote makes it clear what the policy is: “These dogs are treated like Marines. … Continue reading

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