Gun-Day Sunday: A Holster and a Good Cause

G-Tex from CivDiv Designs, of whom we have spoken before, informs me that not only has he cleared the backlog of orders but that he has a great deal going on–

CIV DIV Designs is offering a special promotion through the end of September 2016.  For the next month all proceeds from CIV DIV Designs will be used to help a 6 year old family member diagnosed with childhood diabetes obtain a specially trained service dog.

Use the coupon code RHETT5 through September 30, 2016 to receive $5.00 off your total order.  You get a high-quality handcrafted leather holster or accessory, and this little boy gets the help that he needs.

Please visit our shop at the link below, Like, and Share.

Also, Like and Follow CIV DIV Designs on Facebook and Instagram.

G-Tex is an active duty Marine, a Son of the South, a true Patriot, and an exceptional craftsman. If you have a CivDiv holster you have a life-long sidekick. And now you can do a little good when you order as well.

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Taps: Isiah Coker ’13

I don’t know much right now surrounding the circumstances, but I know that we’ve lost another good one.

Isiah was a track team member at VMI who would commission into the US Navy.  He was a Naval Aviator.  Here’s a video made in dedication to his life:

Rest Easy

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It *IS* Better to Give than to Receive…

Especially when speaking of artillery fire.

Not pleasant. We’ve been accustomed giving and not receiving. We might want to reacquaint ourselves with the art of digging.

(Thanks to WRSA.)

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Throwdown Thursday: Gunfight at the Jonesboro Gas Station

I’ve seen this in two (2) different venues; one of them names the location as Atlanta (you don’t say!) and the other as Jonesboro, reportedly a suburb of Atlanta.

For the Armed Citizen, the student of guns and gunfights, this is a very instructive video. The comments at the link are a good place to start, but I’ll lay them out here as I see them. And remember, we don’t really know much at all about the two chaps who shot it out or what brought on this very unfortunate disagreement.

  • Note the very close ranges– conversational, whites-of-the-eyes distances
  • Despite the close ranges, note the distinct lack of hits on the targets being fired at
  • Note the very good use of cover by Worthy Citizen #1, who approached the car from the rear and apparently precipitated the action
  • Note that the apparent disparity of firepower– an AK pistol presumably firing the 7.62×39 vs. what we can guess is a 9mm– did not produce a disparity of effect, contra bedwetting leftists who shriek about the magical properties of “high-powered weapons on our streets”
  • Note that Worthy Citizen #1 was actually in a better position, and could have scored a mobility hit on his opponent if he had chosen to by rolling to the right and engaging under the car with careful aimed fire
  • Try to count the rounds fired; four? six? more than that? Where did those rounds go, excepting the one that seems to have hit Young Miss in the shoulder?

As the comments ask us, how often do we train in and around vehicles? Do we know how to use cover and angles? Have we thought about the problem of fighting around a car at a gas station, when our mobility is restricted? Do we regularly and routinely use the Gunsite Color Code to help us to condition our state of mind in preparation for such a crisis? If either one of these two fine gentlemen had been able to get it together, use his sights and squeeze off aimed fire, he’d have aced the other one in a matter of seconds with no rounds astray.

Finally, and perhaps this is invidious but I’ll say it anyway– this makes for a fine word problem. “If JaVonte and Quantavious leave different projects at the same time headed for the gas station, and one has an AK and the other has a pistol, how many seconds will it take for them to miss each other with six rounds but hit Chenequa in the shoulder?”

(Answers in comments, please.)

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Senior Leaders Just can’t seem to keep their Compact with the Army…

Maybe it’s old news, but I just found out about MG David Haight being a Swinger.  I do truly enjoy the highlighted fact of the Ranger Tab in the Army Times article, as if that means he should be better.  He should be better because like so many of us he signed the contract which submitted himself to the UCMJ.

I find one of the greatest reasons for the mass exodus of talented junior leaders in the Armed Services is our senior leaders do not uphold the compact with their respective service.  Junior leaders identify that their comrades get the shaft and yet guys like this one, like David Petraeus and so many others find themselves above the UCMJ.  Why a board gets to determine the last rank he served honorably rather than submit him to a courts Martial we’ll not know.  But since this Affair went on for an eleven year period…

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ISIS Employing a New Kind of Explosive?

Unsettling, if so.

The attack claimed the lives of 324 innocent civilians, many of them children. More than 200 additional civilians were injured in the attack.

On July 28, the BBC released an article summarizing some key characteristics of the Karrada explosion, which set it apart from other IED attacks carried out by ISIS thus far. It seems the militants deployed a new kind of bomb.

Consider — there was no visible crater at the seat of the explosion. The explosion did not cause serious structural damage to the nearest buildings. Many witnesses report sensing extreme heat after the blast. And several experts estimate that the initial blast killed 20 to 30 people, whereas the remaining 300 were killed by secondary fires.

These characteristics are unique, because they appear to indicate that ISIS did not rely exclusively on conventional explosives for the main charge in the Karrada VBIED.

Thank God that ISIS is over there, and has shown neither the means nor the ability to strike beyond the borders of its own little enclave. Or even to influence co-religionists far afield to stage attacks in its name. And if they did, by golly, our G-men would be on them like crosshairs on a Kennedy, that is, the few lucky ones who got across our carefully guarded borders. Whew!

Think it can’t happen here? Just you wait…

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Nutty MOOSE-LIMBS in Roanoke


I’m glad the two victims survived to identify the heathen perpetrator.

As a Roanoker myself, I’d like to point out that this occurred in the *county*. We Raleigh Court folk wouldn’t have tolerated such a thing.

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